Sunday, December 30, 2007

the car 6

well its done!!!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

the car 5

thats a dirty worn out Ant.
and we still have to put it back together!
Well shes learning heaps.

the car 4

well time to deal with the oil leaks....and the fact that Ant is
she has some how screewed up two altenaters, two batteries
and a starter motor.
all in a week!!!!!
so out comes the motor.....

the car 3

we decided to to do the front shocks,ball joints
and tie rod ends...just for fun.
and then.......

the car 2

the brakes needed to be done.
rear shoes and slave cylinders
master cylinder and a bleed.

the car

Well its time for the saga of Ants car.
It started with Ant getting a free meteor off
her sister, not bad condition and as her Lazar
was a piece of shit we thought why not.
well i thought Ant could use this as a project
to learn mechanics so all is good.
we started with giving it a cut and polish.
worked well and it looked good.